I just wanted to share the extemporaneous speech that I made for our English Finals last semester:

            Who among you experienced heartbreak? Did you? I’m sure all of you did. Even the happiest people and the richest people on earth experienced heartbreaks. Who wouldn’t? Tell me, who among you survived heartbreak? Now, what do you feel after looking back how hard everything was? I am here in front of you to share why we should consider heartbreaks as a blessing. I may be young to talk about heartbreaks but I also experienced enough pain as a person. Heartbreak is not all about love; it may be a loss of a friend, a disappointment, change and disloyalty. It might be a failing grade, broken possession or a feeling that has been drifting. Some of you might think, “What the hell! Being in such remorse is not a blessing but just have given me problems.” Or some might think “Heartbreaks just left a scar and just made my life miserable”… No, you’re not looking at the bigger picture. Now, I will help you realize three different channels that altered heartbreak as a blessing… I will show you what some may not have realized. This is not an invention, but an experience; not only me, but by many.


            Face the reality: Our life will eventually evolve into an act of letting go. It’s not like it looks in the movies – life is hard and that’s exactly how its supposed to be. For the people who choose to end their lives because of heartbreak didn’t apprehend that what they felt would change them, dismantle them into a stronger person. Like what John Aughey said, “God brings men into deep waters, not to drown them but to cleanse them.” Every one of us have times in our lives when we find ourselves broken, but it is in us to find strength in God to pick up the pieces. All of us go through tough times. You think you’ll never get out of the rain, but then you make it through. And when you survive, you realize that what you went through has molded you into a stronger person, preparing you to face greater things. Think of the rough times you had, and appreciate how strong you are because of them.


Secondly, heartbreak is a blessing that God has given us because it is His way of letting us realize that He saved us from the wrong one and He plans something better. It may not be in the way you want it but sooner or later, it is what’s best for us. Without pain, how could we know happiness? Yes, pain demands to be felt but you’ll get through it as soon as you don’t reside and let go of the things that have already changed. We may dwell on the past because it is where we were comfortable and that’s what we were used to. But how will you grasp the better routine for you today if you continue to dwell and regret? Probably you cannot, because you can’t let it go. It can be difficult but occasionally in life we have to learn to let go of the old ways to move forward. It’s okay to feel bad for leaving the old ways behind, nonetheless never forget why you left it behind – because you found something better… Because God planned something better for you. It is by heartbreak that you realize what’s left for you and what’s planned ahead for the betterment of you.


            Finally, heartbreak wakes us up that God is with us. You’re blessed when you are out of options and all you can do is lean on God. Through heartbreak, you realize your need for Him and it is only then you tap into his infinite greatness and goodness. Even when God seemed to have abandoned you, he was still watching and guiding. I realized this during my tough times; when I was beyond all hope of saving, God gave me rest. It is true – never He will leave you. Never will He forsake you. He has greater plans for You.


According to Matthew 5:3-5, “You’re blessed when you’ve been stripped of that which is most precious to you. Because only then can you be tenderly embraced by the One most precious to you.”

God has reasons why we experience heartbreaks. A heartbreak is a blessing that we continue to curse that is why we attract the negativity into our lives. People change so you can learn how to let go and grow up. Things go wrong to learn how to appreciate the right things in life. Good things pull to pieces so better things can fall together. After you fall, help yourself to stand up. Remember these blessings that you gain from heartbreak. Open your heart and you will find inspiration everywhere! For a moment, don’t be concerned about being better. Just be! :) “

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First love never dies ☹

Namimiss ko si Caaaaaaaaarl :|

AKALA KO NUNG UNA OKAY NA AKO EH. Akala ko talaga pero tsss.. May mga times padin na namimiss ko sya huhu ganon ba talaga pag first love mo? Hahaha chos! Pero ayun trying to move on na talaga, ung let go as in let go lahat ng memories and everything.

Hirap kasi tuwing iniisip ko na “SAYANG” eh. Mas lalong di ako nakaka move on. Siguro dapat talaga mag ka amnesia na ko para wala nako maalala eh. HAHAHAH di naman ako nagsisisi, nasasayangan lang ako kasi ang dami nang memories ughhh nag fflash back minsan sakin bigla pag may naiisip akong bagay eh.

Pero okay lang, kaya ko to. Sus, si Nicole ata to. Strong ata to noh! Mehehe makakamove on din ako! Diba diba diba? ☺☺ Sorry kelangan ko lang talaga ilabas to. HAHAHAHA hirap i-contain eh. =))

Oh well papel….. Focus nalang sa studies & friends! Super saya ko nga pala dahil sa friends ko. Sila lang yung reason kung bakit gusto ko pumasok eh, makasama ung tropa hahahaha anyway. Yon lang. Napakwento lang. Wag nyo na basahin…… Patapos nadin eh HAHAHAHA okay bye. ☺

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Anonymous asked:
di na kayo ni carl? sino bago? simon? hahahaha

TAGAL NA TEH HAHAHA hindi din si Simon eh. =)) Wala akong bago grabe, kailangan ba meron agad =))

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Musta na?

Ngayon ko nalang ulit naopen tong account ko lol. HAHAHAHHA never na ata talaga ko babalik…. Ang boring na kasi mag blog huhu kainis nga eh :( Dami kong unf pero ayos lang hahahaha anyway update lang hehe ingat kayo palagi. God bless ☺

1 year na ko di nag bblog loool!!! =)))

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Anonymous asked:
hello nicole. welcome back. actually, kakabalik ko nga lng din. hoho, nabigla ako't wla na pa kayo ng syota mo. grabe, dati rati halos tungkol sa inyo talaga ang nababasa ko sa blog mo. anyways, GB!

Hello Anon! Thank you hehe ☺ Weh? Haha apir tayo sa pag babalik naten! HAHAHA Oo nga eh. Oh well that’s life. Hayaan na naten hehe ☺ God bless din, thank you ♥

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Posted 10 months ago

I’m back! ☺

Well hopefully soon I am. HAHAHAHAH sobrang namimiss ko na po mag blog at mag kwento. Ang dami na nang yari sa buhay ko katulad ng WALA NA KAMI NI CARL HAHAHAHA nyeta walang forever sa amin HAHAHA deh okay lang. 

NAGING DL din ako kahit isang sem lang HAHAHAH naka IPHONE 5 na ako grabe sobrang blessed lang talaga. ☺ ETO YUNG BEST SEMBREAK SO FAR for me hehe super happy & sobrang naenjoy ko. ♥

Madami pa ko gustong ikwento pero next time na, hahaha gusto ko na din ng new blog kaso hirap nung sa Email ko eh hassle lang huhu oh well baka di na ako mag bago. Bahala na… HAHA


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"I used to look at you as someone who would never hurt me. I was wrong." 💔 Heh. 😘 @carl0307 - @nicoleeeyxx- #webstagram

"I used to look at you as someone who would never hurt me. I was wrong." 💔 Heh. 😘 @carl0307 - @nicoleeeyxx- #webstagram

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