Day 37: Who are you

I’m a 15-year old girl, Seniores, who loves to eat but doesn’t get fat. Loves to blog & text. I can’t live without a phone nor a laptop. I love trying new things & I’m an adventurous person. I want to travel the whole world that’s why I wanted to be a Flight Attendant but everything changed when I grew up. I love chicken a lot. I hate spicy foods. I love myself that’s why I’m vain. I love taking picture of my self. I want to be a model someday. I started believing in Forever when I met my True love right now, My Babe/Carl Sabido. I love all of my friends. & all of my readers. I’m really approachable so don’t hesitate to talk to me. That’s what I can tell you guys right now. :-)

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