Day 1/365: Flew lanterns wt my baby for ze New Year☺


I never thought this would happen really, everything is unexpected. So I got lanterns from my friend & his family bought one also, so when he went here at our house for the new Year we decided to fly those lanterns. We have 3 lanterns, first 2 was so fail HAHAHA then the 3rd one was a success.

We went to the court so there’s an open area. I was praying that nothing will burn down because of our Lanterns HAHAHAH I was so scared. But it was a success so yeah, it was fun. Aaahhh, definitely the 1st highlight of my year. Thank to my baby. :)

We wrote our wishes in a paper, mine was the purple one then the one yellow one was Carl’s. We tied it to the lantern then both of us let go of the lantern so it would fly. Aaahh, it was so fun & romantic. I was glad to spend my New Year wt the one I love & wt my family.  He also wrote in the lantern, “Carl ♥ Nicole FOREVER”. My baby is definitely the sweetest. :) It was a Tangled moment hehehe ♥

Forever thankful & gratreful. I’m so blessed that I started the year right & I know this 2013 will be my year. Thank you to Superfriend. :) I love you Carl Miguel B. Sabido, I love you 5ever!! Hehehe so how was your New Year? ;) 

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